Add/Remove 'Animal Data' on Mobile App

Add/Remove 'Animal Data' on Mobile App

Written Instructions:

1. Go to "Chores".

Figure 1.

2. Select the chore list you want  to edit.

Figure 2.

3. Tap the Menu button (≡) 

Figure 3.

4. Select 'Animal Data'.

Figure 4.

5. Select "Add".

Figure 5.

6. Add the desired animal information you want to see displayed on the "Detail View" of the chore list. You can either search the item by typing it on the "Search bar" or by scrolling through the list of available items.

Figure 6.

Figure 7.

7. To remove an item from the list tap the red ()

Figure 8.

8. Save App Settings  (This requires Admin privileges)

Video Tutorial:

To play this video in fullscreen; click here

Note: You must have 'admin' privileges to save the app settings

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