Add/Update Animal IDs (Batch entry)

Add/Update Animal IDs (Batch entry)

There are two methods to add or update IDs: Manual Entry and Copy from Excel.

Manual Entry

The first method we will show you is manual entry. This method is useful when you have just a few IDs that you would like to update. When you have a lot of IDs to update you will want to see the section below on Copying from Excel. Start manual entry by going to Enter --> Animal --> Add/Update IDs or click on this link

You will see the following screen. Here you can select the date, time and technician who updated the ID. You will notice two columns ID/EID and the other which says Activity. In the first column you will enter either the ID or EID of the animal for which you want to change an ID. The second column is the specific ID that you would like to change.

As an example, set the date, time and technician to what you would like on the event, then enter the animal's Eartag or EID in the ID column. Enter the value of the desired ID Type in the second column. (Official USDA ID for example)

When you are ready to update the IDs press the Save button at the bottom.

Copy from Excel

The second method we'll walk through is Copy from Excel. This is useful if you have large numbers of IDs to update. With this method you can easily copy from an Excel spreadsheet to update IDs. The Excel spreadsheet needs to have the ID/eartag/EID in the first column and the ID you would like to update (same list as above) in column 2. The Excel file must not have headers in it.

Here is an example where we are updating the Official USDA ID. First scroll to the bottom of the screen. Then press the Copy from Excel button.

Next, select the user (default is the logged in user), then select the ID type you want to update.

Copy and paste the information from the Excel spreadsheet into BoviSync. Press Save when finished to update the IDs. The video below shows the whole process for Copy from Excel.

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