Add/Update ID (Enter event)

Add/Update ID (Enter event)


1. Go to Enter, then select Event.

2. On the next screen, enter the eartag of the animal you want to change or assign a new ID. For the event Type choose AssignID.

3. On the ID type choose the type of ID you want to enter for the specific animal (see below an example for the official USDA).

4. On ID field type the numbers or combination of letters and numbers that make the ID (See below).

5. Select Save. The ID will be updated and can be checked on the cow page under current status.

How to delete an ID that is wrong or no longer applies to a specific animal?

To delete an ID from an animal (for example an SCR collar) follow steps 1 through 3 described above. Then leave the field "ID" empty and select Save (see example below). This will clear the ID for the animal.

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