Adding a BoviSync page to Farm Reports

Adding a BoviSync page to Farm Reports

The breeding intensity report is a built in BoviSync report. If you want to add that to a menu, you can do that in the report manager.

Setup > Report Manager > Farm Reports > Add Menu Item

In the report manager, in farm reports: click on "add menu item" in the bottom right corner

In the Menu Item Type, we want to select “BoviSync Page” since it is a pre-built BoviSync page.

Menu Item Type: BoviSync Page

Here you can enter the name you want the report to be called (TASA DE PREÑEZ) and then add the URL. For the breeding intensity report, the URL opens like this:

To add the pre-built report to your farm reports, we only want the piece that comes after (in bold above).
Type /breeding_intensity/ into the URL box and click apply. You could also copy and paste to reduce risk of typing errors. 

Name the report what you prefer, and add the end of the URL for the bovisync page

The BoviSync page saves as an upper level menu, so to move it into a category, you must select “select action” and click on move.

Report saved in upper level menu. Select action to move.

Here we can select the category and the location of the report in the category. I selected Start, so it will be at the top of the list.

Choose category to move the report to and the location in that category.

Now we can see the report has been saved and where it is located.

BoviSync page is saved in the desired category.

After refreshing the page, it loads in the Farm Reports menu as well:

After refreshing the page, report is listed under Farm Reports main menu.

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