Adding Freshening on the Phone

Adding Freshening on the Phone

Mobile fresh entry allows dairies to record calvings anywhere on the dairy using the BoviSync Mobile App. Freshen Entry can be setup to prompt users for calving difficulty (dystocia), assistance, or a note. Additional buttons may be created to record different numbers of calves, notes, or to use different birth event sets for calves. For example, a dairy may set up different fresh buttons with different birth event set for calves that will be retained as replacement animals, sold as dairy bulls, sent to stud, and/or sold as beef cross calves. In the example of beef cross calves, a chore to automatically assign them to the breed "dairy beef cross" with a specific note. 

Chores created on the phone for new calves may be completed immediately in one or multiple chorelists depending on workflows. It is possible to create to colostrum chores and separate them into different chorelists if the farm desires to record the technician and timing of the first two colostrum feedings. EIDs may be assigned through a matched set, a chore with manual entry, or scanning after the calf is created. 
Chores will only be available on the mobile device that the calf is created on until chores are synced. Any chores synced to the server will be sent to all mobile devices logged into the farm in the BoviSync Mobile App.
Calves are recorded on the phone and created on the server when the phone synchronizes. 

This knowledge base will walk you through how to setup a Freshen Entry and Freshen Birth Event for Calves Set:

Setup a Freshen Entry 

1) Click "Enter Event"

2) Click "New Set" to add as an event

3) Name it "Freshen"

4) Add Event type "Freshen"

5) Decide if you want to record Dystocia Score and Assisted Calving

Setup a Freshen Birth Event for Calves (Only if you want to record event for the Calves)

6) Setting up Birth Event For Calves - will allow you to enter events on the calf (Example: Weights, Assign ID, Moves, breed, etc.)

7) Click "Add Event" and add the events you would like to record for the calves 

8) Click and Hold "Freshen" then Edit

9) Click the Down Arrow to Open the Freshen Event 

10) Click "None" on The Calf Chore Set and Link it to Freshen Birth Event For Calves 

Setup a Fresh Birth Chore for Calves (Only if you want to record event for the Calves)

11) Click Chores from the Home Screen

12) Click New List 

13) Name the Chore List "Freshen Birth Chores" 

14) Add the Chore(s) you want to Complete when the Calf is Born by clicking "Add Chore Type"

Example of Items you Might want to Add 

Saving the Changes 

***These last three steps are very important because it saves the settings to everything you just created on the phone***

15) From the Home Screen click the menu button (3 lines on the Top Left-Hand side of the Phone)

16) Click "Settings"

17) Click "Save Settings to BoviSync"

If you are on Version 1.10.6 or 1.10.7 and you click Calf Status: Sell Immediately. Please Chose No Eartag Button vs the Arrow

Video Explaining the Process

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