BoviSync Drug Inventory

BoviSync Drug Inventory

How to use the BoviSync Drug Inventory

Accessing the Drug Inventory 

1. Click on "Enter" 
2. Click on "Drug Inventory"
Alternatively, you can also navigate here:

Note:  This is a paid interface add-on, if you do not see this option, contact BoviSync for purchase details.

Adding a new Drug

1. Click on "New"

2. An overlay will appear (As shown above)  Enter the following details about the drug:
Enter the Drug (Begin typing the name)
Enter the Acquisition Date (Purchase Date)
Enter the Expiration Date (If any)
Enter the Lot Number
**Enter the Milk Withdrawal     (This is entered in days.  If a product has a 36 hour hold, round up to 2)**
**Enter the Meat Withdrawal   (This is entered in days.  If a product has a 36 hour hold, round up to 2)**
Enter the Number of Containers/Boxes (Quanity)
Enter the Supplier 
All fields need to be filled in before the drug can be saved into the inventory.
**Milk and Meat Withdrawal fields are for display only.  These holds will not affect the animal in BoviSync. (Holds will not be created on the animal page)
BoviSync recommends all treatments and vaccines are based on protocols.  The protocol itself would contain actual Milk/Meat Withdrawals**

Editing a Drug

Once a drug is entered into the inventory you can double click on the drug to edit it.  Here you can adjust quantity, notes, and status.   In the example below, outlined in red, are the most commonly items updated when editing a drug inventory item. 

Number of Containers:  would be the current number of bottles, containers, etc of the product you have available (quantity)
Date, quantity & route of disposal if not administered: is where you can make notes indicating when quantities are updated, if products were damaged, etc
Status: can either be defined as "Stored" or "Finished" when the products have been used up, the status should be set as "Finished" 

Linking Drug Inventory to Existing Events

The column DrugInvLink will show if an event is linked to a drug in the inventory.  The DrugInvLot column will remain empty until the event is linked to a drug in the inventory.

2. To link a treatment or vaccine event to the Drug Inventory, place a check mark in the far left column of the Treatment Administration report.  Then, click "View/Edit Events" drop-down toward the top right corner and select Link to Drug Inventory.

3. A pop up window will appear. From the list, pick the drug given from inventory.  You are also given an option to enter a treatment reason.  Click on Link to Drug Inventory 

The Treatment Administration report will refresh automatically.  The report now contains information from the linked events in the Drug Inventory. 

Video Example

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Q:  I linked the treatments to inventory, but the Quantity didn’t change.

A:  The Drug Inventory Manager table tracks the purchases and allows you to link to treatment and vaccination events.  There is not currently a ‘Current Inventory’ feature.  Currently, you can track what was purchased to match to your invoices and also change the status from ‘Stored’ when you have current inventory to ‘Finished’ when you finish using that purchase.

Q:  I added the drug to the inventory but it doesn't show up when I go to link them together. The error says there aren't any drug inventory items for the drug?

A:  You must make sure that the drugs being entered in the Drug Inventory are the same ones that are being entered/completed by the technicians.  In this example the system says there are no inventory items for Ultrabac 8 and that is because in the drug inventory Ultrabac 7 was added.  The two items must match in order to be eligible to be linked together.  

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