BoviSync Navigator

BoviSync Navigator

BoviSync has a navigator in the top-right corner.  This is useful for going directly to animal pages, generating a report, and going to saved reports.

Animal Pages

Type in the eartag of an animal and it will take you to the animal page.  If multiple eartags for that animal exist, it takes you to a report to pick the animal you want to go to.  To access sold/died animal from the navigator, add "d." to the start.  Entering d.12345 takes you to the sold cow 12345.

Access Saved Reports

In the user and farm reports, you can save shortcut names for reports.  Those shortnames can be used in the navigator to take you directly to the report.  Just type in the report shortname and it will take you directly there.

Create New Reports

You can also create reports from here using syntax like this:
List ID DIM DCC Lact, repro 
This will give you a list of all the animals with the columns: ID, DIM, DCC, Lact, repro

You can also add filters to the reports:
List ID DIM DCC Lact repro for lact>2
This will add a filter for lact greater than 2 animals.

All of the available filter operators are in this table:

Filter Type
not equal
greater than (after date)
less than (before date)
greater or equal
less or equal
in range
not in range
all, but
any of
contains any of
is not null
is null
starts with
ends with
does not contain any of
does not start with
does not end with
not less than
not greater than

An example of a combination of these filters:

List ID LACT DIM DCC for lact-1,2 dim>300 sir**HO

This will return a report of cows lact 1 or 2 that are over 300 DIM and has HO in the sire.

Aggregated reports can also be created by:
Sum Repro Lact ==>  This yields a 2x2 table of repro status by lactation number
List count by lact ==>  An animal report with a one-way aggregation by lactation number, this yields a count of animals by lactation number

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