Breeding Plans

Breeding Plans

The breeding plan event is useful for assigning the next breeding type for each animal. The breeding plan event may be entered manually or through a protocol. The advantage of the protocol is that criteria can be used to modify the breeding plan accordingly for each breeding.


Breeding Plan Event

Short name: Plan

Types: Beef, Conventional, DNB, Donor, Hold, and Recipient.



Breeding Plan: shows most recent breeding plan event type recorded for each animal.


Report item may be used on reports or sent to the phone as an item. Farms often combine Breeding Plan and Sire matings (Sir1, Sir2….) for breeders. 

A report or animal attributes may be used to enroll animals in the breeding plan protocols. The report criteria for each breeding plan protocol should be unique for each group of animals and include the breeding plan type to prevent reenrolling each night when the protocol runs.


Copy Breeding Plan protocols from the BoviSync Farm in protocols

Only admins on the farm may set breeding plans. 

1. Go to Setup -> Protocols
2. Select "Copy Protocol"

3. Choose BoviSync
4. Select desired Protocols
5. Copy Protocols

By default, the Breeding plan protocols copied from BoviSync are active and do not have any enrollments included. Reports or animal criteria may be used to automate a breeding plan. Contact BoviSync support for help setting up breeding plans or to review any breeding plans in place.

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