Chores and Basic Chore Creation in BoviSync

Chores and Basic Chore Creation in BoviSync

Chores in BoviSync are tasks or actions with regards to a specific animal or procedure on the farm that typically happen in the future. Chores are created from protocols and from users who save chores to be completed at a future date. Chores are an easy way to assign tasks to employees based on common and repeatable outcomes that occur at given intervals. In addition to this, they help you monitor compliance with farm protocols and industry regulations.

The creation of chores can be done both on the mobile app and in our web application. All chores have a few things in common: an animal ID associated with the chore, an event type (fresh, dry, etc), a date, time and a technician associated with the chore. For example, a chore from a protocol might be to provide a specific regimen of shots for an animal enrolled in an Ovisynch protocol or a chore might be to collect colostrum from fresh animals and to record the quality of the colostrum collected. Ultimately there are many options to create a customized set of chores to your operation.

Next, we will show you some two common ways that chores are created from the web. For mobile chore creation, see this guide (event set guide for mobile). The two common ways to create chores from the web are:
  • From a protocol
  • Saving (events) as a chore

Creating Chores from a Protocol

Chores created from a protocol are the most common way that chores are created for an animal. We won't go into all of the specifics for how and when chores are created from a protocol but we will provide a simple example below.

In this example pre-sync 14/14 protocol you will see that we have two chores (outlined in red). For this protocol, animals are enrolled either manually or automatically. Once enrolled the animal will have been assigned two PGF2a treatments (as chores) to be completed on day 1 and day 15. Again this is the most common way that chores will be created.

Saving (events) as a Chore

This method is still used but not as common as chores created from protocols. In this method, a user will save an event as a chore. This will create the chore for a given animal. See the example below for an example of this method.

As you can see below the animal has chores for a repro check and to note the BCS of the animal.

To save a new chore for this animal we are going to perform almost the same steps as creating an event. First, double click the Enter button at the top menu of the animal page.

With the event entry screen now visible enter the Animal and Event Type. Entering the event type will display several additional fields depending on the event type selected that must be filled out. In our example, we selected a bred event. Enter the required information and the date for when the chore is due (usually this is a date in the future). As you can see from the video below, if you enter a date in the future the event automatically will save as a chore when saved. You can see this as the button to save changes to "Save as Chore". If the due date is the current day you will have to click the drop-down arrow to the right of the "Save" button and select "Save as Chore".

When you are ready to save the event as a chore, select "Save as Chore". You will receive a confirmation message at the bottom of the page indicating that the chore was successfully saved.

If you return to the animal page where the chore was just created you can see the chore under the chores section of the page.

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