Configuring Auto-Downloads for Reports

Configuring Auto-Downloads for Reports

1. Navigate to the 'Farm Setup' page (Setup > Farm Setup)

2. Select 'Farm Reports' tab

Note: For user reports, go to User Preferences and then User Reports.

3. Find the report you would like to auto-download. Select the drop-down box under 'Actions' and choose 'Auto-Download'

4. Select the Computer you would like to the report to download to

5. Go to the 'Setup' tab and click 'User Preferences' and select 'Linked Computers' (Setup > User Preferences > Linked Computers)

6. Under the 'Report Downloads' section, click 'Edit' on the report you would like to auto-download

7. Select the folder you want the reports to download to from 'Client Path' drop-down, select the desired file format, and frequency of download

8. Click 'Save' 

You have successfully configured auto-download for reports.

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