Cow Manager Sensor Maintenance

Cow Manager Sensor Maintenance


You can create chores in BoviSync to look for animals with a BadTag or NoLink sensor from your Cow Manager System.  This article walks you through setup and implementation. 

Protocol Setup:

Create two new protocols for NoLink and BadTag.  See video examples below:

No Link Example:

Bad Tag Example:

Mobile App Setup:

Add the following Chore Types to a new or existing Chore List.

To save these settings to the Mobile App, see: Save BoviSync App Settings

Report Setup:

2. Add an abbreviation "findtag"
3. Save as Farm Report

To access the report type "findtag" into the Navigator or access via Report Manager

Adding Animals to Chore:

Enter animals into the Protocol(s) created in earlier steps of this article.  After the animals have been entered they will appear on the Report and Mobile App. 

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