DHIA Compliance and Milk Meter Monitoring Report

DHIA Compliance and Milk Meter Monitoring Report

This KB article will walk through the process of logging into a BoviSync herd, Running the DHIA Compliance and Milk Monitoring Report, exporting the reports, and links for shift specific deviation reports. This report will allow you to calibrate the parlor for compliance.

Logging into a BoviSync herd

First go to BoviSync (click this link).
Once you arrive, enter your user name and password. (If you do not have a BoviSync account, follow the link below the username and password).

Once you are logged in, open the herd that you would like to see the deviations for. Upon your first login to BoviSync you will see the screen below. Select Open Herd(s).

Select the drop down to select a herd, then click the Open button to open that herd. (Remember that you will need to be given permission by the farm in order to see their herd once you login to BoviSync to select a herd. If you do not see the herd you are attempting to open, please contact the farm to receive permission to their herd.)

If you are already in a herd and need to login to a different herd (from any page in BoviSync), click the drop down next to the herd name, then select the option Open Herd.

Select the drop down to select a herd, then click the Open button to open that herd.

You are now logged into the herd!

Running the DHIA Compliance and Milk Meter Monitoring Report

Once you are logged in click this link to run the DHIA Compliance and Milk Meter Monitoring report. By default this report is looking at the last 14 days milkings and all milking shifts. To change the date range for the report click the Modify Report button.

Adjust the date range for the dates you would like to see.

When finished adjusting the dates, click the Fetch Report button.

The updated report is returned. The report is sorted by default on UnitID (ascending). You can change this by clicking on the column you want to sort on to sort (ascending or descending) or modifying this in the report itself. **Note - "DevExpect" is in the units that the herd is set to (standard or metric) and "DevExpect%" is the percentage as the item implies.**

Exporting the Report Results

You can use either the PDF or Export buttons to get a copy of these results. Export will download a .CSV file and the PDF option will create a PDF in a new tab of your browser which you can download or print.

If you would like to add the herd code to the printed report you will need to update the herd code at the end of the URL to the herd you are working with. To do this go to the URL of the report in the address bar of your web browser. At the very end of the URL (farthest to the right in the URL) you will see "12345678", replace this with the correct herd code. Then press Enter to update the report with the correct herd code.

This is what the report will look like with the herd code in it.

Click the PDF button to get an exported copy of the report with the herd code as shown below.

If you would like to see the deviations by shift you can do so by opening the corresponding shift links below when you are logged into a herd. The same methods of PDF and Export are available for these reports as well. These reports (by default) are also set to look at the last 14 days. The same method to adjust the report above applies for the reports below or any report in BoviSync. Updating the herd code in the URL is also the same process here as shown above.

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