DNB Reasons

DNB Reasons

DNB events are recorded with a date, reason, note, and technician. There are many pre-built reasons and the note field can include any note. Like all events in BoviSync, DNB can be created as a chore to complete, if the desire is to "check" animals before DNB.

DNB Reasons:
1 Abortion
2 Adhesions
3 Bull Calf
4 Cancer
5 Conformation
6 Dairy
7 Digestive
8 Disease
9 Disposition
10 Failure to Thrive
11 Feet and Legs
12 Finished Steer
13 Genomic Cull
14 HBS
15 High SCC
16 Infection
17 Injury or Other
18 Long Open
19 Low Production
20 Mastitis
21 Not reported
22 Prototheca
23 Repro problems
24 Respiratory
25 Scours
26 Sickness
27 Strep ag
28 Udder

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