Download Report without Installing a Data Client

Download Report without Installing a Data Client

This KB article will walk through the process of downloading any report on farm to your local computer. You do not need to have the BoviSync data service installed on your computer but you will need to have a linked computer setup.

Setup a Linked Computer

In order to download any report to your local computer you need to have a Linked Computer setup. To do so go to Setup --> User Preferences.

Then select Linked Computers.

From here select the drop down and then select Add New.

Provide a name, select who can edit the linked computer, select a timezone and then press Save Changes to complete the setup of the linked computer.

After saving the linked computer if you go back to Linked Computers and select the drop down list, you will see the Linked Computer you just added.

With the Linked Computer setup we can move to downloading a report.

Download a Report to Your Computer

To download any saved report to a Linked Computer go to Setup --> User Preferences.

Once on User Preferences select User Reports.

Then find any saved report, under Actions, select the drop down "select action" then click Auto Download

Select the Linked Computer we created at the beginning of this guide. You will see a confirmation window appear in the upper right of the browser letting you know that the report was added to the computer.

Now that you have a saved report linked to a Linked Computer you can request to download the report to your local computer. Start by clicking the Linked Computers tab.

Then from the drop down, select your Linked Computer.

Doing so will refresh the page and present you with all of the reports that have been selected to download to your computer under Report Downloads (as shown below).

Editing Report Downloads

Editing reports that are linked to a specific computer allows you to change:
  1. File type (pdf, csv or txt files)
  2. File name
  3. Delete report auto download
To edit the download settings of the report on the linked computer go to Setup --> User Preferences --> Linked Computers --> Select Edit under configure of the Report Downloads.

Reports that have never been generated will say "never" in the Generated column, "N/A" will also display under download. For example to download a copy of the report below, click the "request now" button.

Once the requested report is available you will see an option for "download". Clicking this button will download a copy of the report to your local computer. **Large reports may take up to 30 minutes to become available **

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