Eartag Update Import

Eartag Update Import

Instructions for Eartag Update import

Create the file

Header: API_ID/RegistrationID, New eartag, New barn name

Column 1: Can be API_ID or RegistrationID. The naming of this column is flexible. When the file is processed, it will determine if the API_ID or RegistrationID was used. If you are going to use Registration ID, it is recommended to use the Registration ID from the REG report item.
Column 2: Enter the new eartag of the animal
Column 3: Optional field, enter the new barn name of the animal

Save the file as a CSV file (comma separated).

To reduce errors in entering the API_ID or Registration ID, it is recommended to create the report of animals (using ApiId or REG) you would like to update, and then export this list.
This file needs to be comma-separated. Use of semi-colons will cause the import to fail.

Import file into BoviSync

Import the file via this link.

After the file imported, you should receive an email of the file that imported. If the system could not find an animal to update it (example: if you incorrectly typed the API_ID or REG), you will not receive notification of this.

View updated eartags

After the import is processed, you can view the eartags that were updated. Changed eartags in last 7 days

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