Enter Lactations for New Animals

Enter Lactations for New Animals

In BoviSync you can use the Prev-Lactations event type to adjust a purchased animals lactation to be correct. If you only know that the animal is say a 3rd lactation animal you can enter a fresh event and then enter the Prev-Lactations event to correct her lactation number. Enter the Lactation Number for an animal. If you enter a new animal in BoviSync, and need to adjust the lactation number.

After you have entered the fresh event, will will need to enter the Prev-Lactations event to correct the lactation number. Start by double clicking the Enter button from the menu.

Enter the animal ID and then select the event type of Prev-Lactations.

Enter the previous lactation number of the animal. So if the animal is on lactation 3 enter 2 in the Previous Lacts field. Click the Save button when finished.

Go to the animal page of the animal you just entered the Prev-Lactations event for. There you will see the correct lactation number and the Prev-Lactations event.

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