Event Entry (Batch Entry)

Event Entry (Batch Entry)

Batch Entry allows anyone to easily enter events in a batch (multiple animals at once). You can use batch entry to update the following information for individual animals:
  • Body Condition Scores
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Locomotion Scores
  • Milk Weights
There are two different methods to do batch entry: Manual and Copy from Excel. Manual as its name implies allows you to manually key in as many animals as you would like to update. The Copy from Excel method allows you to copy the Eartag/EID, event values and date from an Excel spreadsheet and then paste that into BoviSync to be entered.

Manual Batch Entry

This is good for entering a few animals (less than 10) where you can easily type in the animals and their event data. When you have a large amount of data it is easier to use the Copy from Excel method (explained after Manual Batch Entry).

1. To use the batch entry functionality select Enter and then select Batch Entry or click this link.

2. You will see a screen like the following. You will need to select the date, time, technician and event type (the drop down below the technician). These will be recorded in the event that you are creating. In our example, we will update weights for some animals.

3. After selecting the appropriate event type (weight in this example), enter the animal's Eartag/EID into the 'ID/EID' column. This is the animal you would like to update. Next, enter the value/result of the event type in the second column. As you can see below we entered three different animals and their corresponding weights. When finished press the save button at the bottom to save the data.

Copy from Excel

Another method that you can use for batch entry is 'Copy from Excel'. This method allows you to copy large amounts of information from an Excel file, paste it into BoviSync to be entered.

1. To do this select the 'Copy from Excel' option on the batch entry page.

2. Next, select the Technician. Then select the event type from the drop down menu (same options as before: BCS, weight, height, locomotion score, and milk weights).

3. The next step is to Copy the 3 columns from your Excel spreadsheet to BoviSync. The format of the sheet must always be:
  • Eartag/ID/EID in column 1
  • Values for the event in column 2
  • Date of the event in column 3 (acceptable date formats are: MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD)
**Do not include headers when you copy the information to BoviSync**
4. Select your information in Excel then copy the information to the clipboard.

5. Then right click the empty box and paste the information here as shown below.

6. When you are ready to submit the information to BoviSync press the Save button.

The video below shows you how to perform the Copy from Excel process.

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