Event and Specific Event Types in BoviSync

Event and Specific Event Types in BoviSync

BoviSync has over 62 events for entry on animals. However, when creating an Events Report, some events have more specific events associated with them. These specific events give more detail about the event being reported on. Certain events do not have any specific events associated with them, like a Bred or Freshen event. While other events do have specific events associated with them, like Medical Diagnosis or Hoof Maintenance.

There is an attachment to this article that shows you which Event Types have Specific Event Types and here is a link to show you how to use the attachment.

For a visual example, here is a link to a video creating a report of Event Types and Specific Event Types and below is a screenshot of the report.

This is a screenshot of the report looking at the Event Types of Treatments and Vaccinations and the Specific Event Types showing the drug and vaccine names.

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