Events and Basic Event Entry

Events and Basic Event Entry

Events in BoviSync are important things that happen to an animal that should be or are recorded. They might be when an animal is dried off or when an animal freshens. All events have a few things in common: an animal ID associated with the event, an event type (fresh, dry, etc), a date, time, and a technician associated with the event. With that basic knowledge of events, we will now proceed to show you how to enter events in BoviSync. There are several different ways to enter events in BoviSync. This guide will walk through four of the most common ways to enter events. The four ways to enter events are:
  • Main Menu
  • Navigator Event Entry
  • Double Click
  • Report Event Entry
From the main menu select Enter --> Events or click 'Record Event' from the homepage 

Navigator Event Entry

You can use Navigator to create events by typing in the event shortcut. For example Type 'Fresh' into the navigator line then press Enter. You will be brought to the fresh event entry. Below are all of the other shortcuts you can enter into the navigator to create events.
  • 3teat, abort, assigned sire, bcs, bred, bull, check, classification, colostrumfed, colostrumyield, culture, dnb, dry, enroll, flush, fresh, group, heat, height, infdis, hoof, implant, injury, locomotion, magnet, move, other, pregcheck, surgery, vwp, warning, watch, wean, weight, withhold

Double Click Method

To use this method simply double-click the Enter button from the menu. This will bring up the Event entry screen.

Event Entry from a Report

If you build a report you can create events from that report list. Simply select the animals you want to create an event for and then select Event Entry at the top of the report.

From here enter the required details about the specific event you are creating and press the Save button. In every event, the following are required at a minimum to save the event:
  • Animal ID
  • Event Type
  • Date and Time
  • Technician

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