Freshening a newly purchased animal

Freshening a newly purchased animal

BoviSync blocks entering 'Freshening' events for animals that are less than 150 DCC. Sometimes there are rare instances where you need to enter a Freshen event for an animal less than 150 days carried calf. An example would be a newly purchased animal that doesn't have past data in the system. 

In this example, we will freshen a newly created animal:

1. First we must make the animal pregnant in order to Freshen the animal. Go to Enter Event and enter a Preg Check event as shown below:

It is important that the animal is at least 150 DCC (If animal is less than 150DCC BoviSync will block you from freshening the animal)

The date of the Preg Check must occur prior to the Freshen event. 

2. Now that the animal is marked as Pregnant, we will be able to enter the Freshen event.

3. Go to Enter Event and enter a Freshen event:  

4. You will now be prompted to enter calf information for that Freshening. You can choose 'Omit Calf Info' if you do not want to add a calf.

5. You have now successfully entered a 'Freshen' event. Below is a screenshot showing the animal Fresh:

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