Hoof Maintenance Types

Hoof Maintenance Types

Event type: Hoof Maintenance
Treatment: (default: trim)
  1. Axial Wall Fissure
  2. Block
  3. Bruise White Line Hemorrhage
  4. Corn
  5. Digital Dermatitis (Heel Wart)
  6. Digital Sepsis
  7. Foot Rot
  8. Hairy Attack
  9. Hairy Heel Warts
  10. Heel Erosion
  11. Hock
  12. Horizontal Fissure
  13. ID (Dermatitis)
  14. Lame Trim
  15. Laminitis
  16. Lesion
  17. Remove block
  18. Remove wrap
  19. Rotated Claw
  20. Sole Fracture (heel ulcer)
  21. Sole Hemorrhage
  22. Sole Ulcer
  23. Super Foot Rot
  24. Thin Soles
  25. Toe Ulcer
  26. Trim
  27. Upper Limb
  28. Vertical Fissure (sand crack)
  29. White Line Abscess or Fissure
  30. Wrap
  1. All
  2. Front Left
  3. Front Right
  4. Rear Left
  5. Rear Right
  1. Abaxial
  2. Axial

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