Interfaces Available with BoviSync

Interfaces Available with BoviSync

BoviSync interfaces with many other systems on a dairy, and we are continually adding more.  The following list is many of the most popular interfaces BoviSync supports as of 1/1/2022.

ABS matings

ABS My Index







Cow Manager

Dairy Master



DHIA AgSource

DHIA Testing


EID Pairs

EZ Feed

EZ Feed by Barn

Feed Supervisor


Generic mating

Genex Alta mating

Genomic Data

Holstein EASY ID

Jantec Sort Gate

Lab Results, Johnes / Preg Check

SCR Collars

SCR Data Flow

Select Detect

Select Sires matings

Select Sires Pedigree Rank

Semex Mating


STgenetics Mating

TMR Tracker


Zoetis Genomic Breeding Type

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