Taking Inventory in BoviSync

Taking Inventory in BoviSync

Everything entered into BoviSync is transactional, even scanning EIDs and looking up cows on the mobile app. This feature is very useful for when it comes time to do inventory on a herd. 

The simplest way to do inventory is to use the mobile app. Create a new chore list or find a chore list that has no chores that day and has the options set to include pens with no chores.

Select the first pen that is due for inventory and start scanning the cows. Every cow scanned will receive a timestamp of what time she was scanned (ScanDTM – Most Recent EID Scan) and the technician doing the scanning (ScanTECH – Most Recent EID Scan Technician). If a cow is scanned and is not in that pen in the BoviSync, a wrong pen prompt will show up on the phone and she can be moved to the correct pen immediately. If there are a few loose cows, they can be keyed in using the keypad. This will be recorded as KeyDTM – Most Recent Keypad Entry.

Sync the phone once all cows have been scanned or keyed in. To make things simpler, we will use the report item of “SeenDTM” – the most recent Scan OR Entry. Using a report, one can see the cows that were scanned or keyed today, in the last week, or even in the last year. More importantly, a report can show which animals have NOT been scanned or keyed in the desired timeframe.

Here is an example of a report that shows the animals that have been seen today.

Here is an example of a report that shows the animals that have not been seen in the last 30 days.

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