Managing Team Accounts within a Company

Managing Team Accounts within a Company


Once you've created a company within BoviSync, you can start adding and managing teams within your company. An example of this can be different regions (ie North, South, etc). This article walks through managing and using the Team accounts.

Create new user accounts

  1. You will need to create a new user account for each person you would like to add. Instructions on creating a new user can be found here, or go directly to
    Without an active account in BoviSync, a user cannot be added to a team.

Log into your team account

  1. When logged into your team account, to manage your account, you will need to go to Setup > Account Management.

  1. In Team Access, this is where you can add and remove users from your Team.
  2. Without an active account, a user cannot be added to a Team.
  3. Users in this table will have access to all farms that have given permission to the Team.
  4. In this tab, you will find the Username for Farms to add, in order to give the Team permission. In this case, MilkRocks

Access to Farms

  1. Once a farm gives your Team access, you will then see a Farms tab appear in Account Management
  2. It will contain a list of farms that your Team has access to.
  3. The list includes the Farm name, The last DHI Test date, and a direct login link to the farm.
  4. When you click on the Login link, it will log you into that farm.

Login Options

  1. When choosing what account to log into, you will now see links to either login to a Herd or login to a Team.
  2. Open Herd will take you to a list of all herds you have access to
  3. Open Team will take you to a list of all Teams you have access to.

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