Mastitis Management Protocols

Mastitis Management Protocols

Mastitis protocols

In the built-in protocols, there are 17 protocols for Mastitis. All protocols have a manual enrollment from a medical diagnosis of clinical mastitis or medical diagnosis of High SCC. If the farm does not record High SCC there is no problem, just leave it in case they do in the future. Make adjustments if the farm records High SCC. Most of the protocols have different treatment/duration combinations. If a protocol with a treatment/duration combination already exists, then copy that particular protocol. If such protocol does not exist, then select a protocol with the duration you are looking for and change the treatments. If you need to change the treatments make sure you adjust the milk and meat holds as necessary.  If there is a protocol that is done twice daily, see the section on Twice Daily Treatment Protocols.

Note: notice that some of the protocols have a move event. Some, but not all farms, might move cows with clinical mastitis to a hospital/dump pen. Make sure you adjust as necessary. You might remove the move, or you need to adjust the pen.

Farms doing milk culture

Some farms take a sample from mastitis cows to milk culture before recording the clinical mastitis event, but might move the cow to a hospital/dump pen when the sample is taken.

1) Create a button in the event set to create a chore for milk culture and identify the quarter being sampled.

2) Copy the protocol “Missed Mastitis record“ This protocol will automatically create a mastitis event for cows that were cultured but for some reason the mastitis event was not recorded by the user.

3) Copy the protocol “Move to Mastitis Pen” This protocol moves cows with milk culture chore to the hospital pen. Adjust the pen based on SOP of the farm.  The protocol has an automatic enrollment for cows with clinical mastitis and a criteria enrollment for cows with a chore for milk culture. The automatic enrollment from the mastitis event has a filter to not move cows that the mastitis event created from the “Missed Mastitis record”.

4) Copy the protocol “Culture today notice” twice.  This protocol creates a paint chore with reason vet check with note “Cultured today”. Change the note of the protocols to include e.g. “Cultured today – do not treat” or “Cultured today – Spectramast” based on the farm’s SOP
Note: add the paint chore to the hospital and mastitis chore list.  If the cow needs to be treated, the user will need to record a mastitis event and select the protocol.

3 quarters

Identifies an animal with a blind quarter. There are 2 options for this.
- If the workflow is to identify mastitis and label the cow as “3 quarter” use the protocol. On the app when you enter mastitis the user will be prompt to select the list of available protocols for mastitis including the “3 quarters” protocol.
- If the quarter needs to be identified then you will need to use the event set in the app to enter the “3 quarter” and enter the note to identify the quarter that was lost. The user might need to enter the mastitis event and then also enter the “3 quarter” event.

Twice Daily Treatment Protocols

The global protocol sample for this protocol is:  Amoxi-Mast 6X AM and Amoxi-Mast 6X PM
These 2 protocols create 6 chores for treatments to occur AM and PM.
- The Amoxi-Mast 6X AM starts the treatments in the morning of day 1 and ends in the evening of day 3.
- The Amoxi-Mast 6X PM starts the treatments in the evening of day 1 and ends in the morning of day 4.

You will need 2 chore lists in the App: one for the AM treatments and one for the PM treatments. The user will need to select the protocol based on the milk shift where the cow starts the treatments,

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