How Other Events work in BoviSync

How Other Events work in BoviSync

Adding and Updating Other Event type:

This guide will walk through the process to add or update Other Events on your farm. The Other Events allow for the recording of custom items on dairies by utilizing the detail field and notes item in the event dialogue.


This event allows you to capture event specific information that cannot be captured or reported easily with our current events. There are 8 detail options to choose from for the Other Event type. To update the Other Event type you will follow the same steps as creating any other new event. An example would be if you would like to keep the heifer or bull or cull the heifer or bull.


1.     Click on Enter, then Event

2.     Type in Cows ID

3.    Event Type: Other

4.     Detail: Select number you would like to put this under

5.     Notes: Enter Keep or Cull (or whatever additional notes you would like to capture with this event type.

6.     Click Save

Step 1

Step 2-3

 Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Example of a Cow Card Page 

**If you already have an Other event for a specific animal and you update that exact same detail for the other event, you will override the existing value**




When trying to create a Report Wizard these are the item names you would use.

The coding in Report Wizard for the Others are as listed

Other 1                  ID: Other 1(ID:Other)

Other 2                  ID: Other 2(ID:Other2)

Other 3                  ID: Other 1(ID:Other3)

Other 4                  ID: Other 1(ID:Other4)

Other 5                  ID: Other 1(ID:Other5)


v To find the Others (1-5) are found under Current Status


Event Entry and Detail

Other (Detail 1)                    1 Other Note(this lactation) (Other1Notes)

Other (Detail 2)                    2 Other Note(this lactation) (Other2Notes)

Other (Detail 3)                    3 Other Note(this lactation) (Other3Notes)

This would be the same for 4-8

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