Report Examples

Report Examples

BoviSync offers tremendous flexibility for creating reports in both table and graph formats.  One of the best ways to create a new report is to start by looking at existing reports for formatting and specification ideas.  Below are some examples of different types of reports along with links to use to base a new report on.  Just click on the link above the table or graph and then you can see the logic for that particular report.  This article describes how to save new reports you create.

You can also access pre-designed reports via the Report Map or Report Starter Set.  The Report Wizard is designed to easily develop a new report from scratch. 

Table of Averages with a By Category

Table List of Cows Meeting Specific Criteria

2 by 2 Table with Cutoffs

2 by 2 Table of Events with a By Category

Table List of Recent Events

Table Breeding Summary

Graph Scatter Plot

Graph Showing Average and Variation for a Variable

Graph (Test Day) of Animals Meeting Specific Criteria Across Time

Graph (Bar) for Animal Counts

Graph (Bar) for Event Counts

Graph (Bar) of Averages with a By Category

Graph (Histogram) of Counts

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