Select Sires Pedigree Rank Import

Select Sires Pedigree Rank Import

This guide will walk through the process of importing a Select Sires Pedigree Rank file. Once you have the file it is pretty straightforward to import it.

The file must be a .CSV file and have the following headers (shown below). There is an example template attached to this article that you can download and fill in the information needed as well.

Start by going to Setup --> Imports and selecting Select Sires Pedigree Rank or click this link. Then press Continue.

Press the Choose File button and navigate to the Select Sires Pedigree Index file you would like to import.

After you have selected the file to import press Import.

The index can be looked up by adding the animal item SSINDEX to any animal report.

After importing, open this report to see the results 

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