Sync Mobile App

Sync Mobile App

Written Instructions:

In order to sync your device, you must have WiFi or an active cellular connection.  Hit the sync button once to initiate the sync. Pushing it multiple times will initiate additional sync requests. The phone will continue to sync until all sync requests are completed. Chores that are scheduled in the future will be sent to the phone each time it is synced. Therefore if you don't have WIFI for a day the chores will be on the phone. 


1. Tap on the user's initials in the top right corner:

2. Tap on 'Sync Chores/Events' or 'Sync All Data' to begin syncing

This menu also shows the last time Event/Chore have been synced. 'Chores 3 minutes ago' means the chores were last synced 3 minutes ago.

3. The user's initials will begin to spin, this means a sync is currently in progress:

Verify Sync: 

To check the last time chores/events was last synced follow these steps:

1. Tap on the user's initials

2. Underneath the user's name, it says chore and time of the last sync

Troubleshooting Sync:

1. Tap the 'Menu' button

2. Tap the 'Help' Button:

3. You can see the last time chores/events or detail data was last synced:

Video Example:

To play this video in fullscreen; click here

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