Web Browser Sessions

Web Browser Sessions

View multiple herds at the same time in BoviSync. The only requirements are permission to access the herd and some knowledge about web browsers. Note that browsers are frequently being updated.

The BoviSync webapp operates in a browser sessions BoviSync users will often login to different herds with different settings when working with the webapp. When you're logged into a browser you are typically in a single session. Whenever herd login is modified, those changes will be applied to any windows that you have or will open. This is really handy for consultants when checking the same reports in different herds. Simply login to a different herd and refresh the browser tabs to get updated reports.

Multiple sessions are possible with some browsers to preserve a login settings or look at different herds separately. On a multisite dairy, the owner may want to be able to access each farm without logging into a new herd. This is not only convenient, its faster because information for the web app doesn't have to be refreshed each time the login is changed. A veterinarian might have a profile that has all of her farms logged into to do multi-farm reporting. The possibilities are endless with the BoviSync Web app.

      In Chrome create multiple profiles and login to a profile to access a different session.

      In Firefox use the containers add-on to access different sessions.

      In Edge create multiple profiles and login a profile to access different sessions.

Incognito mode may work depending on browsers to create a separate session. Issues have been reported with saving events and accessing reports.

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