Vaccine Compliance

Vaccine Compliance

Vaccine compliance is an important but overlooked aspect of management on most dairiesHistorically vaccine administration was not tracked anywhere due to time cost and/or software limitationsBoviSync turned that paradigm on its headWithin BoviSync you can set up the rules for vaccine administration, and each vaccine to be given is created as a task awaiting completionThe person administering the vaccines uses the app to scan or look for eartagsAnd as they mark the animal as completed to clear her off the list, the app records the vaccine, technician, pen, and timestamp to the second.   

Labor Savings:

Now you get to the end of the pen, there are three cows left.  Do you go back through the whole pen, disturbing cows, searching for those three?  Dairies using BoviSync, may choose not.  Because these are discrete tasks, you set the logic for how long you want that vaccine administration to be eligible to stay on the cow.  Most of the time, you can just skip all the extra time chasing cows and go directly to the next pen.  Those three cows will show up next week on the list, because it is a list of tasks, not a list of DIM ranges. 


Instead of having to look at commands and lists and make assumptions of what is happening, as a veterinarian or dairy owner you look at compliance via auditing the actual recordsThe Vaccine Audit Report shows you all the vaccines given, with the animal status at the time of vaccine administration (DIM, DCC, etc)The other method is spot checking animals, go to their animal page and look at the vaccine administrationDoes it comply with the SOPs created at the dairy. 

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