Zoetis Genomic Breeding Type Import

Zoetis Genomic Breeding Type Import

This KB article will go over how to use the Zoetis Genomic Breeding Type Import. The process is pretty simple. The requirements to perform this import are:
  1. You are signed into a BoviSync herd
  2. You need to have Read/Write permissions in that herd

First we will need to create the file we want to import to update the breeding types of our animals. Start this process by downloading the btype.csv file attached to this KB article (or create your own). If you create your own there need to be two columns in the file. One for "HMID" and one for "BYTPE". HMID will be the eartag/ID of the animal and BTYPE is the breeding type of that animal.

Update the file with the animal IDs and breeding types in each of the respective columns. In our example you can see the animal IDs with each of the breeding types.

Once you have the .CSV file created and saved go to Setup --> Import.

Once on the Import Wizard page, select the drop down menu, then select the option for Zoetis Genomic Breeding Type.

With the import type selected, click Continue.

Click the button for Choose File, then navigate to the .CSV file you created for this import. Select the file, then click Import.

Enter your username and password, then click Continue.

After the import finishes you can run a report to verify that the data was imported. As you can see the breeding type was update for each animal. Here is a report you can use as an example.

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