Add New Users and Technicians

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            Difference between Users and Technicians:
            User: A user has full access to the BoviSync farm, meaning a user has an email and password which is used to login to BoviSync. Examples of users include: Vets, Breeders, and Consultants
            Technician: A technician is only used for the recording of an event or chore.

            Written Instructions:

            1. Go to 'Farm Setup
            2. Click on the 'Farm Access' tab
            Adding a New User:
            • Click 'Add Permission' to add a new User
            • Enter the user's e-mail address (They will receive a link in their e-mail to create an account)
            • Choose the users level of account (Admin/Read/Write)
            Adding a New Technician:
            • Click 'Add Technician' to add a new technician
            • Type the name of the technician, and click 'Add'

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