DHIA Herd History Request

            How to Request DHI History in BoviSync:

            Written Instructions:

            1. Click 'Setup' and click 'Herd Settings' 
            2. 'Click the 'Settings' Tab 
            3. Enter your DHI Herd Code, Access Code, and Testing Lab. 
            4. Click 'Request Herd History Import' 
            5. You will be prompted that a small charge may be charged for the history import by your testing lab. (BoviSync never charges for this)
            6. Click 'Save Changes' 

            Video Example:

            Please note a DHIA Herd History request may take up to a week to process, depending on how busy your testing center is.

            DHIA Information:

            DHIA Herd Code:

            DHIA Herd code is a 2-digit state/location prefix followed by a 2-digit number county number, followed by a 4-digit number that is unique to your herd
            An example of a herd code is 35-123456
            Where '35' is the state (Wisconsin) and '12' is the county and '3456' is the unique herd number

            DHIA Access Code:

            DHIA Access code, often referred to as a RAC number, this is a 4-digit number that serves as a password/PIN for your herd. 

            Common places to find your access code:
            1. Printed on your DHI-213 monthly report from DRMS
            2. In PCDART by clicking on the "File" menu, selecting "Program Setup" and clicking on the "User Identification" tab.  The number in the "Password" field is your RAC number.

            Useful Links:

            Special Notes for Testing Centers:

            PROVO Testing Centers:

            PROVO requires a written consent in order to release your herd details. Contact PROVO here, to start the process.

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