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            DRMS Interface

            BoviSync and PC-Dart Data Exchange

            1. Verify you are in the correct farm (top red box in picture below)
            2. If you were not logged in, then log into the farm. Click on the farm name, then “Open Herd”
            3. Select the farm and click “Open”
            4. Go the data exchange, in the navigator (top right corner) type in DRMS or PCD and press enter.  Alternatively go to:
            5. Click on Upload HERDCODE.PCD button
            6. Generate the HERDCODE.PCD file in PC DART
            7. Select the HERDCODE.PCD file that was generated from PC DART
            8. Click “Import”
            9. This will take you back to the PC-Dart Download page.  When the file is available a link will be available that says “Download PCD-DAT”
            10. Click that link and the PC-DAT.001 file will download, use that file to import into PC-DART

            PC Dart Data Exchange Page


            If you have a previous PCD-DAT.001 file in the same folder it downloads to, the new file will download as PCD-DAT (1).001. PC-Dart is unable to find this file name, you need to rename the file to PCD-DAT.001 in the directory PC-Dart looks for the file. Removing the file after using it is advisable so it downloads with the correct name every time.

            Updated: 26 Jun 2017 06:17 AM
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