Formatting EID numbers in .CSV file formats

            When opening a .CSV file in Microsoft Excel, EID numbers are automatically formatted to be rounded. For the file to import correctly, without errors, you must format the EID values to eliminate the decimal places. 

            Written Instructions:

            1. Open the.CSV file into Excel

            2. Select the Column containing the EID Values
            3. Right Click and choose 'Format Cells' 

            4. The format cells dialog box appears. Select 'Custom' 
            5. Select 'Custom' and Choose '0' under 'Type' category 

            6. Click 'Ok' 
            7. The EID values are now formatted correctly:

            8. Save the .CSV file 
            9. Import the .CSV file into BoviSync 
            Note: Opening the file back up, will require you to re-format it each time. This is due to how Microsoft Excel handles EID values in Excel. 

            Video Tutorial: 

            To play this video in fullscreen; click here 

            Updated: 03 Aug 2017 08:57 AM
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