How do Tickets, Articles, and Community work?


            Knowledge base articles are created by the BoviSync Support Team.  They are to provide you with explanations to how BoviSync works, and many of the answers to common questions.  The articles are created as the BoviSync Support Team sees a need for them.  They will offer written instructions, often with pictures and videos.


            Tickets are requests that are more specific to your farm's setup or a particular problem you are having.  If your vaccination list doesn't make sense to you, you can try searching articles and the community for how protocols are setup, how the chores are populated in the app, etc.  And when you still don't know ask why the BoviShield is showing up for these animals and not these other ones, for example.

            When the BoviSync Support Team responds to tickets, they will often be closed if they are waiting on a response from you.  The system is setup so tickets are open when someone is supposed to be actively working on them.  When you reply or give a bad customer rating, the ticket will be re-opened for further action by the BoviSync Support Team.

            We strongly encourage you to use tickets to communicate problems.  While we do our best with text messages, they are all too commonly accidentally lost, forgotten, or not received.  If you create a ticket, anyone on the BoviSync Support Team can provide a quick response.  Additionally, your account manager generally gets a notification on their phone when you create a ticket.  Feel free to create a ticket and then text that you created a ticket that needs urgent attention as well.


            Tickets that are well written and have a broader use, that would be valuable to other producers, we may answer and convert into a Community post.  This allows others to see well-written questions and answers to questions that are widely used.

            Updated: 17 Aug 2017 05:55 AM
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