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            Import Accu-Trim Data

            Accu-Trim data exchange with BoviSync

            1. Log in to BoviSync
            2. Navigate to BoviSync import page (Setup > Import)
            3. Choose Accu-Trim from the list, or click Here
            4. Download Cow and Heifer files (Figure:1)
            5. Make any necessary modifications to the headers in the cow and heifer file and then import the files to Accu-Trim
            6. Export files out of Accu-Trim into a CSV file format, NOT XLS or PDS formats (file needs to look like: Figure:3)  
            7. Navigate back to BoviSync Import page for Accu-Trim, or click Here
            8. Click 'Choose File' and select the CSV Accu-Trim file (Figure:2)
            9. Import the new file into BoviSync
            Importing other file types (XLS or PDF) will result in NO trim results being imported.  You must import the CSV file

            Figure: 1

            Figure: 2

            Figure: 3

            Updated: 06 Mar 2018 11:20 AM
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