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            Import DHIA Test Results

            For processed testing, PAGs and Johnes results, you can ask your DHIA testing processor to send the files direct to BoviSync and have the results automatically imported. If they have any questions, your tester can request information by email us at:

            For non-processed milk testing, you can use these instructions (or if you received the processed test result file instead of it being automatically imported) to import the CSV, DNL, PRT, or 310 test result file formats.

            1. Click on Setup, then Import
            2. Select DHIA Monthly Test from the list of imports
            3. Click on Continue
            4. Drag and drop the file onto the Choose file button, or click on the 'Choose File' button and select the file you want to import
            5. After you select the file, a date box will appear. Select the test date and then click ‘Import’.
            Select Import and then DHIA Monthly Test
            Select the DHIA test file, then pick the date, and click import.

            Example of a .CSV File: Please note the 'herdcode' must be the name of the file. (ie: 35289053.cvs)

            *You can also import just milk weights by animal. To do this just use a file that has ID and Milk Weights.

             You must save the file as a .CSV otherwise, the import will fail.

            Updated: 20 Mar 2018 10:10 AM
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