Importing Mating Files (Genex, Select Sires, Semex)

            Manual import of Mating Files:

            1. Log in to BoviSync
            2. Navigate to BoviSync Import page (Setup > Import
            3. Select the appropriate mating file type from the list (Figure: 1)
            4. Click 'Choose File' and browse for the mating file (Figure: 2)
            5. Click 'Import' - the import process begins
            6. Once the import completes, open an animal page to verify the data imported correctly (Figure: 3)

            Importing other file types: (.XLS or .PDF) will result in NO mating data being imported.  You must import the .CSV file

            Figure: 1

            Figure: 2

            Figure: 3

            Mating File Example: 

            For data to import correctly, the mating file must be formatted in a similar fashion as shown below:  (Some companies have different headings or additional columns)

            Once the mating file has been formatted, Save As a .CSV file format:

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