Deleting Events

            Delete events for an animal.

            1. Enter the animal ID and pull up the animal's page.

            2. Choose the 'Events' tab.

            3. Search the list for the specific type of event you are looking for and click 'Edit'.       The edit event page opens.

            4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Edit.'

            5. In the lower-left drop down box under 'Save' choose to 'Delete' the event.

            6. The event has been removed. 

            If you have multiple events to delete, you can also make an event report and add the report item 'edit' to the report.  Pro Tip:  Holding 'Ctrl' when you click on 'edit', the event page will open in a new tab and let you click all the events from the report without reloading the load.

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