TeamViewer Quick Support App

            TeamViwer Quick Support App allows BoviSync technicians to remotely control your mobile device, see exactly what you see on the device, and share text/data directly to and from the device.  

            System Requirements:

            Android version 4.0 and later 

            Written Instructions: 

            1. Open the Google Play Store
            2. Search for 'TeamViewer Quick Support'  

            Note: There are two available versions: TeamViewer QuickSupport and QuickSupport for Samsung
            3. Choose the appropriate application, depending on the device you are installing it on
            4. Tap 'Install' to begin downloading and installing the app
            5. Open the App, you will see a screen like this:

            6. Share 'Your ID' with your BoviSync Support Technician
            7. Once the Support Technician connects to the device, you will be prompted with this message:

            8. Tap 'Allow' on the dialog box

            The BoviSync Support technician now has remote access to the device.


            TeamViewer has over 100 Add-Ons for their QuickSupport App. If prompted to install an Add-On, please do so. This allows the TeamViewer QuickSupport app to have better functionality for that specific device.

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