Prevent users from using other applications on phones

            If you are looking to prevent users from accessing Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Snap Chat, Twitter, Chrome, installing or uninstalling of other applications you can do so fairly easily with a free tool called AppLock. This guide will cover the following topics:
            • Installing AppLock
            • Setting up AppLock
            • Changing a Pattern Password to a Numeric Password

            Installing AppLock

            To download AppLock visit this link from the phone you wish to lock or navigate to "AppLock" in the Google Play store from your phone. (You will have to do this for each phone).

            Setting up AppLock

            After you have AppLock installed open it. You will be prompted to draw a pattern and then re-draw it to confirm the pattern. This will be your first password so remember what it is. You will be able to change it later or set a password instead of a pattern if you like.

            Enter a security email in the event that you forget your password. This should be an email that farm employees do not have access to. Then click Save.

            You will see the main AppLock screen upon completing these steps.

            First, we recommend clicking the lock next to the "Google Play Store". This will prevent users from un-installing AppLock and getting around these controls.

            If you see a message like this tap "Permit".

            Next, tap the AppLock row as shown below.

            Tap the toggle to turn on the option for "Permit usage access". You will be taken back to the AppLock screen and will notice that the Google Play Store and Settings have been locked. This way no one can uninstall AppLock. They can also not get to the Google Play store to download other applications.

            If you want to block other applications that are already installed on the phone scroll down. You will see all applications listed which are currently installed. Simply press the "Lock" icon to lock the app.

            When a user attempts to open a locked app they will be asked for your pattern or password.

            Changing from Pattern to Password Lock Method

            This will show you how to change from a pattern to a numeric password that you can use. The process is fairly simple. Start by selecting "Protect" from the main AppLock screen.

            On the next screen select "Unlock Settings - Unlock Mode: Pattern Lock"

            Select "Password" in the upper right corner.

            Enter a new password and re-enter it to confirm the password. You will receive a confirmation message in the app that your password has been changed.

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