Fit multiple column report to fill page space when printed

            If you have a report which has several columns and will span a number of pages when printed you can follow this method to increase the number of columns on a printed page in order to print more information on a single page. That way you can minimize the amount of paper used.

            The report below isn't too large but as you can see there are 3 columns in the exported report.

            When you try to print this on one page directly from Microsoft Excel you will end up printing 12 pages because of the unused white space on each page.

            Follow the video below or the instructions here on how to use up more of the space on the page and reduce the number of pages you print.


            Step by step instructions:
            1. With the report exported and opened in Microsoft Excel select the columns that you would like to copy, then right-click the selection to copy them to the clipboard.

            2. Open Microsoft Word and paste the copied columns into the blank document.

            3. To add multiple columns to use up more of the available page click Layout, then click Columns and finally select the number of columns that fit your report size best. In my case, three columns appeared to be the best fit.

            You will notice that your report immediately spans the number of columns that you selected.

            4. To use up a little more of the available space click on Margins and select Narrow.

            As you can see the data has expanded to take up more of the available page and the total page count is reduced from 12 to 4 printed pages. Adjust further as needed and print your report when you're ready.

            Updated: 17 Jan 2018 02:56 PM
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