Permissions and Accounts


            Sharing your data with others on BoviSync is quick and easy. The producer decides who has access to their data and which permission levels that user has. BoviSync support cannot give access, this must be done by admin users on the farm.

            Below is an example of the 'Farm Access' tab:     (Setup > Farm Setup > Farm Access)

            Active Accounts:

            Active Accounts mean the account has been verified and has access to the farm. An example is shown above in the green outlined box.

            Pending Accounts:

            If an account has an email address listed in the 'Person' column that means the account has not yet been verified and is currently pending. An example is shown above in the red outlined box.
            The user should check their e-mail inbox (check Junk folder) for a link to create an account and gain access to the farm. 


            Privileges are also known as the account status. Each account in BoviSync has different statuses which determine what features are available to that specific user.

            To edit user privileges, double-click their name and use the drop-down boxes to change options. Strike 'Enter' on your keyboard to save the changes.

            Access Level:

            Access level determines what the user can do in BoviSync. There are two variations of access; Read/Write and Read Only.
            • Read/WriteAllows the user to read data (view reports and animal data) as well write data. (create and complete events)
            • Read OnlyAllows the user to only read data. (view reports and animal data)


            Admin privileges in BoviSync allow the user to have complete control of your farm. You must be an 'admin' to do the following:
            • Add/remove users and control privileges
            • Edit farm/herd settings
            • Save mobile-app settings
            • Configure data sources
            • Create/edit protocols

            Permissions v.s. Technicians 


            Permissions are another name for a 'User' or an 'Account' on BoviSync. Permissions are a list of people that have access to your farm. This means the person has a login and password to access BoviSync. When a new permission is added to the farm, a technician profile is automatically created for that permission.

            Examples: Vet, Breeder, and Data Consultants (people who require a login to access your farm)


            Technicians do NOT have an 'Account' on BoviSync. Technicians serve as a name to enter in BoviSync for reporting purposes. 

            Examples: Farm staff that complete chores/tasks on the farm, but do not need a login to access BoviSync

            Add a Permission: (User) (pre-existing BoviSync account)

            How to add farm access for a user with a pre-existing BoviSync account.
            To play this video in fullscreen, click here

            Add a Permission: (User) (non-existing BoviSync account)

            How to add farm access for a user with a non-existing BoviSync account.
            To play this video in fullscreen, click here

            Removing a Permission: (User)

            How to remove farm access. 
            To play this video in fullscreen, click here

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