Change Breed

            Method 1: Purebreds

            Written Instructions:

            This method is intended for changing breeds for purebred animals. This is done by entering a new event.

            1. Enter a new Event. Go to: Enter > Events

            2. Enter the new Breed information:

            3. Click 'Save' 

            Video Example:

            Method 2: Crossbreeds 

            Written Instructions:

            This method is for changing breeds for Crossbreed animals. Changing breeds for crossbred animals requires you to manually define the breed and breed percentage. 

            For animals to show a breed type, the animal's breed must be equal or greater than 75%. (Example: an animal that is 75% Holstein and 25% Jersey will be known as a Holstein in BoviSync) If an animal is less than 75% it will be shown as a Dairy Crossbreed. 
            1. Open the Animal's cow page:

            2. Click 'Edit Animal Breed'

            3. Edit the animal's breed information:

            4. Click 'Save' 

            5. Click 'Edit Animal Breed' again to see the newly updated information:

            Video Example:

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