Uninstalling Data Client (BoviSync Data Service)

            1. Open Control Panel and click 'Uninstall a Program/Feature' select 'BoviSync Data Service' and click 'Uninstall'
            2. Follow the steps of uninstaller package. The Windows uninstaller will remove all files/folders associated with 'BoviSync Data Service'

            If the uninstaller fails, and you receive this message:

            Further deletion of files must be done manually

            1. Set folder options to view 'hidden folders' 

            2. Navigate to the root of the hard drive (C: drive typically) and inside the 'ProgramData' folder. Delete 'BoviSync' folder

            3. Try again to uninstall 'BoviSync Data Service' from Control Panel > Add/Remove programs/features (Step 1 from above)


            If you still receive error message: 'An old version of 'BoviSync data service was found. Please completely uninstall that before installing again' try the following things:

            1. Open Windows Task Manager
            2. Click the 'Processes' tab: Check if this process is running: "datasync (32bit)"

            3. Also check the 'Services' tab: "bovisyncservice"
            4. End both process and service and try uninstalling 'BoviSync Data Service' from Control Panel (Step 1 from above)

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