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            DelPro Sort Gates

            BoviSync sends sorts that are scheduled for today and tomorrow to DelPro on a regular basis. The frequency can be set by how frequently the command runs in the windows task scheduler. We generally find that for large dairies wanting to sort lame cows immediately, hourly is better, for farms that have more regularly scheduled sorting, every 2 or every 4 hours works better.

            When the BoviSync sorting requests are loaded into DelPro, it will clear sorts for all animals that had sorts cleared in BoviSync in the past day, and it set the sorts for today and tomorrow. This loading will over-ride the current animal sort status in DelPro. The consequence to this is animals that have been marked for sorting in the parlor and have not yet been sorted can have their sort status replaced by BoviSync. For this reason, it can be a good idea to also physically mark mastitis cows and you may want to consider less frequent loading of sorting requests from BoviSync. Scheduling the sort loading from BoviSync during cleaning is helpful to minimize this problem. There is normally a shortcut on the desktop.

            Internet access is required to get the new sort request information from BoviSync.  If you do not have internet, you may need to get the computer connected to a phone hotspot and run the desktop shortcut to get the sorts into DelPro. Should you not be able to get internet, only the sorts that were previously loaded from BoviSync will be in DelPro.


            Sorting Errors when shifts run long:

            In the case that a shift runs long there is a possibility that sorting will be impacted. For example under these conditions; the shift #1 settings in BoviSync ends at 12PM, and an animal is set to sort in both shift 1 and shift 2. At 12:30 BoviSync could load the sorts. At this time (during the first shift that has run too long, during the scheduled second shift) BovSync will send only sort data for shift 2, which will clear the sort data for the ongoing shift 1.


            Similarly, when shift 3 is running too long and into the next day's shift, it is possible a cow to be sorted in shift 1 gets sorted at the tail end of shift #3.  That cow would also sort during the shift 1 at the end of the shift if the timing is caught back up.


            Updated: 05 Mar 2018 05:10 AM
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