Report Guide: BoviSync Mindmaps

            With dairy data, the possibilities for investigating data from different angles can be overwhelming.  With this in mind, BoviSync has created a series of MindMaps to visualize many pre-designed reports available within BoviSync.  The first MindMap below includes links to additional MindMaps with different management areas.  Of course, even with the dozens of reports available here, you are still able to create any customized report that you would like to.  These MindMaps can be particularly helpful when wanting to explore or troubleshoot a particular management area within your farm.

            Here is a link to the Overview MindMap

            Here are links to additional MindMaps by Category:

            Below is an image of the BoviSync MindMap for reproduction.  Each MindMap is designed with reports within branches categorized with similar reports.  This method of viewing report options makes it easier to find the report you are looking for.  Once you have identified a report you would like to see, you simply click on that report and it will open in a new window for the herd you are logged into.  Although we have tried to think of many possible reports, you will still likely want to customize these reports for your needs.  You can click on "modify report" for any table or graph you find in the MindMaps and modify the settings to fit your needs.  You can then save any report you create within your account or as a farm-specific report.  These MindMaps will continually be modified as BoviSync staff and users create new valuable reports.  If you have a new report you think would be valuable for others, please send it to us and we will evaluate its suitability for a MindMap.

            Also, take a look at our Report starter set

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