Report Guide: Report Map and Global Reports

Report Guide: Report Map and Global Reports

With dairy data, the possibilities for investigating data from different angles can be overwhelming. BoviSync has created a Report Map and a library of Global Reports with many pre-designed reports available to any farm or user.

The Report Map includes many report topics within different management areas. These report topics can be helpful when wanting to explore or troubleshoot a particular management area within your farm. Below is an image of the BoviSync Report Map. Click on a report topic, and then continue to click on other topics to view available report links.  When you see a report you would like to view, simply click on that report link, and it will open in a new tab for the herd you are logged into. Here is a brief video showing how to find and use the Report Map.

Here is a link to the Report Map 

BoviSync also has a library of Global Reports with many pre-designed reports. To view our library of these reports, go to Reports -> Bovi-Insight Reports -> Search.

Each report has a title and description and is organized by alphabetical order. Scroll up or down to find a report or use the search area to type words or a phrase. A report will show if the word or phrase is in the title or description. When you see a report you would like to view, simply highlight the report and open the report, or open the report in a new tab. Here is a brief video showing how to find and open Global Reports.

Lastly, if you find a report you like, you can save it within your user account or as a farm-specific report using our Report Manager. Of course, even with the dozens of reports available here, you are still able to create any customized report looking at animals, events, or chores.

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