Deleting Events with an Event Report

Deleting Events with an Event Report

This guide will walk through the process of deleting events with an event report. This is most frequently used when you have a larger number of items to delete. If you are looking to only delete a few events this process is a little faster.

In this example, we will delete several events from a single animal. The process would be the same whether you are deleting multiple events for many animals or a single animal. This report is a good start at an event report that you can modify to find the events you are looking for. Simply update the date range of the report and the animals in the filter.

To start go to the event reports by clicking on Reports, then Report Wizard. Once the reports screen displays select Events to run an event report.

After your report comes back you will see the list of events which you can modify by selecting the edit button. Here I will delete all of the Assign Sires events for this animal.

While holding control on your keyboard, left click each of the Edit buttons from the report for the events you would like to delete. You will see each of the events opens in a new tab within the browser.

Select the first event by clicking on the tab for that event in your browser.

Next, press the Edit Event button, then click the drop down to the right of Save. Select Delete to delete the event. 

Repeat these steps for all other tabs (events) that were opened.

Tip: In Chrome pressing control + Tab will move you from the current browser tab to the next tab to the right - essentially switching you to the next event to be deleted.

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