Implant Setup BoviSync

Implant Setup BoviSync

Import Protocols from global farm

Et out

Implant off day 7 heat

Setup Mobile App

Add buttons for both protocols in event sets. Most farms will want it included in breeding, a dedicated implant, and preg check

Add Implant to chorelists desired. Most farms will want it on breeding. Make sure to include 1 day past due if implanting on both day 7 and 8.


·        Animal in heat

·        Enroll in “Implant off day 7 heat”

·        Complete Implant Chore on Day 7 or 8


·        Use Et_Out to cancel Implant

Additional Questions:

Animals that are not implanted or cancelled need to be enrolled in what protocol the following week?


Does the farm need to record aspirations or flush events?

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