How does DNB work in BoviSync?

            In BoviSync the order of precedence for repro status is:
            • Fresh, Open, DNB, Bred, Preg, Dry, Sold

            In some other herd management software the precedence for repro status is:
            • Fresh, Open, Bred, Preg Dry, DNB, Sold
            In many other herd management software packages, an animal that is DNB and preg misses all the lists it needs and fails to show up on preg check lists. By setting the order this way, many of the problems associated with bred and pregnant DNB animals are eliminated. In BoviSync, the DNB being before the Bred, Preg, Dry fixes all those issues, but does result in a Bred cow that is marked as DNB having a repro status of Bred. So, if you are heat breeding a cow with a repro status of Bred, it is possible she has already been DNBed. The DNB date or DNB item is the best indicator for if a cow has a DNB or not.
            It is also possible to DNB a cow this lactation for the next lactation. If she isn’t a good cow, she can be preg and DNBed, then she will freshen in as a DNB, so it is known immediately for health, repro, etc that she is a DNB and to not bother with her early on.

            Updated: 17 May 2018 11:16 AM
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